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Duke Heights: New Neighbourhood Brand

A close neighbourhood is being rebranded. What does that mean for us?

Guns found in Mercedes abandoned in our neighbourhood

In an eerie reminder of the gossip about Mafia presence in our backyard, an abandoned car following an accident had been found to have a few weapons.

Shootings Near Downsview

Although crime happens in many areas of Toronto (for instance, a string of robberies prompted a police warning in the East end just days ago), here we report on happenings in our area.

Jane-Finch covered in Toronto Star

The Toronto Star, under the signature of Laurie Monsebraaten, social justice reporter , publishes a longer article on the needs of this neighbourhood as well as interviews with a number of citizens.

Car-crash and Stabbing

The unfortunate events of the past few days included an accident and stabbing. Quite a few crimes took place elsewhere in our city, but here we cover our neighbourhood alone.

Suburban Islamophobia

As expected, the aftermath of the Paris Attacks has brought more recriminations and discrimination against Muslims. A recent such event exploded in suburban Toronto.

Serious injury from stabbing North of Finch

While out of our area, this stabbing is sufficiently close to concern our association.

Rollover crash on Keele north of Wilson, man in hospital

One person is in hospital following a single-vehicle crash in Downsview.

Jamil Jivani keeps getting the vote out at Jane and Finch

We have recently reflected an echo in the press of Jamil Jivani's work at Jane and Finch. We are happy to report that it was not a fluke, but rather a part of a sustained effort.

Police looking for missing girl last seen at Sheppard and Weston

Toronto police are asking for the public’s help to find a 15-year-old girl who went missing in the city’s Humberlea neighbourhood.

Toronto Fire fighting blaze at Wilson and Ridge

Toronto Fire crews battled two large fires Saturday morning — one at a North York highrise and the other at two Christie Pits homes.

Peel police chief refuses to suspend carding


Woman can't remember her own identity: Toronto police


York University lends a hand (or more) to increase voter turnout at Jane and Finch

A seemingly motley crew from York University's Osgoode Law School is canvassing the Jane and Finch area to increase voter participation.

Uber unveils petition aimed at Toronto city council


Former North York teacher re-arrested on 5 more sexual assault charges


Toronto Pan Am Games committee hands stadium over to York University

To York U go the PanAm spoils!

Shooting near Jane and Firgrove: nobody dead!

A recent shooting close to Grandravine resulted in a leg injury and luckily nobody died.

Jane and Finch street takeover

The success of this event is not just in the massive turnout, but also in the fact and Toronto's sclerotic press covered this event.

Tuesday night stabbing at Jane and Finch

The man discovered stabbed at Jane and Finch Tuesday night has not suffered life-threatening injuries.

Opening up Toronto neighbourhoods

Easements and rights of way are European traditions, but Toronto tends to limit pathways through private property.

The Catholic School Board expropriates townhomes to build a new school

Among school closures everywhere and declining enrollment, the Catholic School Board will spend a few million dollars to buy / expropriate a few townhomes to build a new school.

This time, Bay St. joins Toronto’s anti-Olympics team

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GTA gas prices to go up 4 cents

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Two teens charged in Mississauga homicide

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As many as 100 patches of fentanyl stolen, warn Toronto police

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Tour highlights challenges faced by Toronto's suburaban cyclists

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Toronto council set to approve downtown East Bayfront LRT stop

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Fears of Toronto housing collapse 'exaggerated,' says report

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Is Tom Mulcair's move to the right wrong for Toronto?

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The skinny on 383 Shuter: Toronto's narrowest home on sale for $750,000

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SkyGreece plane left at Pearson airport

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$1-billion lawsuit claims abuse at Ontario hospitals for people with developmental disabilities

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Toronto Tamil fest kicks off campaign to open Tamil-Canadian museum

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President of Toronto men's only club doesn't understand Joe Oliver election fuss

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Extracurriculars could soon be run by parents in Toronto schools

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Man convicted of mischief after filming women at Woodbine Beach

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Man lured into alleyway, beaten unconscious and robbed in the Annex

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Man wanted in sexual assault of North York child surrenders

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Gas prices in GTA to drop another 4 cents

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Two Toronto seniors killed in separate traffic accidents

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Why federal canadidates are failing when it comes to womens issues

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Toronto's independent grocers fight to stay open on statutory holidays

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Firefighters at the scene of Kensington Market house fire

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Small-scale distillery sues LCBO for unconstitutional markup

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Safety concerns raised after Pearson runway worker hospitalized

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Man fatally struck on QEW in Mississauga

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Q & A: Toronto councillor Norm Kelly on hip hop and politics

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Wheelchair user told subsidized housing building in Toronto for Muslims only

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Parkdale captured through ‘marginalized’ lenses


Toronto parks are no place for foragers, city warns residents

Not long ago we learned from a long-time forager about his adventure through Toronto's parks. Here's a warning.

New Downsview campus: Centennial College aerospace

Centennial College’s new Downsview Park Aerospace Campus, slated to begin construction this fall, has big shoes to fill..

Downsview nightclub stabbing

This incident resulted in two being taken to hospital.

The Jane and Finch Hotel Dispute

A work dispute in the hospitality industry is entering a more acute phase at Jane and Finch.

Ankle shot at Jane and Finch

A man was shot in the ankle at Jane and Finch on Thursday night.

Toronto council candidate Gus Cusimano faces audit over billboards


Taste of Downsview at second edition

Festivals are great. This one started in 2014 and it's at the second edition.

New sinkhole on Eglinton Ave W

Toronto has only two seasons: winter and construction. Now with the HOV controversy (where, again, Toronto's bad boy Rob Ford made headlines telling us that he breaks the law), a huge sinkhole on Eglinton Ave West is definitely not helping.

Amalgamation is a fiasco: Fraser Institute

Amalgamation happened against people's will and not only in Toronto, but also in Montreal. Its promise of cost savings did not materialize.

Kid points gun at pursuing officers and survives

We often hear about police killing suspects unnecessarily. That is why we need to celebrate police officers who do their job correctly and arrest an almost suicidal suspect.

Vaughan cafe shootings: extension of Russo’s shooting

The recent shooting at a Vaughan cafe was connected to organized crime and illegal gambling and is most likely connected to the shooting of innocent bystander Louise Russo.

Mammoliti found again to have flaunted rules

Not long ago, many pundits were shocked to see former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro in handcuffs after having been found guilty of running afoul of election spending rules. In our beloved City of Toronto, a similarly ignoramus of ethical rules gets a mere slap on his wrists, where the handcuffs should have been.

Boy falls out of high-rise apartment

A boy fell from the eighth floor while at a party and is currently in hospital on July 2, shortly before 7pm.

Lawrence Park residents fight potential removal of 349 trees

This news reminds me of our own fight to keep the trees on the site of the dreaded project. Nobody seemed to care about 3 old trees, but 349?!

Traffic accident and a shooting on June 10-11

A traffic accident and a shooting in our community in the past couple of days leave us wishing there were better news to report.

How Riverdale became a battleground


Police monitoring Toronto pick-up artist’s video rant about cutting woman into pieces

Sources / More info:

Audio: Police release recording of ‘very realistic’ 911 call in Richmond Hill swatting case | Metro


People, not raccoons, are the problem in Toronto, city report finds


Midtown homeowners want to keep ‘only $500K’ midrise out of neighbourhood


Shootings on Driftwood and St Lawrence

Two shootings were reported today, on near St Lawrence, the other at Jane and Driftwood.

Toronto’s original immigrant ghetto, The Ward, chronicled


A tale of two LRTs: Ontario recommits to Finch West, admits Sheppard East on hold Add to ...


Judge censors Toronto police officer for brutality

Although seldom talked about, Toronto Police practice of carding is considered abusive mostly by the black community and, sadly, considered justify mainly by people in the white majority. It is perhaps for this reason that the newly minted Toronto Police Chief has vowed to keep it, despite belonging himself to the "black" minority.

Singles Night at the Grocery Store

Although known not to produce a lot in terms of sales, singles nights are a way for retailers to increase their profiles and manage to get some free publicity. It is a loss leader that only large chains can afford, and now that they will soon be able to sell alcohol, expect an increase in such events.

Downsview Park: now with reading walks

The Downsview Park, though neglected by authorities, is now coming to life thanks to community efforts and our beloved but underfunded library system. In a walk possibly inspired by Jane Jacobs, the library is making books available to youngsters and parents who want to go for a walk in the park.

Lack of public Wi-Fi in Toronto raises privacy concerns: experts


Rezoning for mid-size condos would revive GTA ‘dead zones': Report


What happened to Toronto’s dream of public Wi-Fi?


Toronto ‘transit deserts’ show how infrequent TTC routes reveal inequality


Toronto lawyer helps cyclists pedal through ‘unjust’ legal system


Police identify suspects in North York mass shooting


Everything you need to know about navigating Toronto’s art fairs


‘Transit geeks’ excited to watch tunnel-boring machines emerge in Toronto


Toronto cyclists are feeling the construction crunch


Racial bias in carding whitewashed by Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders

It was our current Police Chief who, as the lead author of a secret internal 2012 report, exonarated the Force of racism in carding.

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