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Police monitoring Toronto pick-up artist’s video rant about cutting woman into pieces

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Audio: Police release recording of ‘very realistic’ 911 call in Richmond Hill swatting case | Metro


People, not raccoons, are the problem in Toronto, city report finds


Midtown homeowners want to keep ‘only $500K’ midrise out of neighbourhood


Shootings on Driftwood and St Lawrence

Two shootings were reported today, on near St Lawrence, the other at Jane and Driftwood.

Toronto’s original immigrant ghetto, The Ward, chronicled


A tale of two LRTs: Ontario recommits to Finch West, admits Sheppard East on hold Add to ...


Judge censors Toronto police officer for brutality

Although seldom talked about, Toronto Police practice of carding is considered abusive mostly by the black community and, sadly, considered justify mainly by people in the white majority. It is perhaps for this reason that the newly minted Toronto Police Chief has vowed to keep it, despite belonging himself to the "black" minority.

Singles Night at the Grocery Store

Although known not to produce a lot in terms of sales, singles nights are a way for retailers to increase their profiles and manage to get some free publicity. It is a loss leader that only large chains can afford, and now that they will soon be able to sell alcohol, expect an increase in such events.

Downsview Park: now with reading walks

The Downsview Park, though neglected by authorities, is now coming to life thanks to community efforts and our beloved but underfunded library system. In a walk possibly inspired by Jane Jacobs, the library is making books available to youngsters and parents who want to go for a walk in the park.

Lack of public Wi-Fi in Toronto raises privacy concerns: experts


Rezoning for mid-size condos would revive GTA ‘dead zones': Report


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