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Showing posts from October, 2016

Condo proposals as art

Two artists have started trolling Old City Hall (and, presumably, other sites) with fake “Development Proposal” signs as a commentary on the condo boom.

Stabbing at Sheppard and Arleta

Sadly, this weekend passed with another stabbing, but fortunately, the victim had non-life-threatening injuries.

Trump, Clinton and the urban-rural divide

Ever since the #amalgamation, #Toronto has its own culture clash, pitting suburbanites vs downtown core hipsters on issues such as social housing and public transportation. It is therefore useful to see how this culture clash plays South of the border.

Another double shooting

Sadly, Jane and Sheppard sees yet another double shooting, with one in stable condition while the other victim was rushed to a trauma centre with serious injuries.

The Upcoming Property Tax Hike

The pressure to increase property taxes seems to be increasing in Toronto. That outcome is strongly resented by most members of our community.

Greenbelt and industrial tour at Downsview

The greenbelt article is very long, but we think it’s important, and so is the Downsview tour. Lastly, a few words on a crime that happened at Jane and Lawrence.

rent payers vs rent seekers

Planning developments in Toronto at City Age (and the brothers who ignored the planning notices), as well as what Vancouver is doing about its unmoving vacancy rate and how and what the minimum wage does in helping the poor.

Boxelder Shooting

In some themed Thanksgiving news, a shooting results in no victims and native bugs invade.

School Bus Driver Shortage

Earlier this year, when the school year started, we learned about a school bus driver shortage. Now we’re learning about suboptimal performance of said companies.

Can the OMB be reformed?

The province is launching a review of OMB. For many communities, it is too late, but could such a review ever achieve its goals?

Urban Planning issues in Toronto

Having represented our neighbourhood at the OMB, we continue to monitor developments on the urban planning front..

crimes and consequences

In this instalment, a victim goes to hospital on his own and two bank robbers are arrested.

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