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Showing posts from January, 2016

Homeless shelter in Leslieville approved

A homeless shelter in Leslieville has been the subject of political maneouvering, resident protests and NIMBY-ism, an not only..

TTC launches five new express bus routes

Our big city cannot wait for SmartTrack to come or evolve, so TTC is showing some initiative and launches new routes, smartly.

Stabbing at Keele and Finch after YorkU party

Luckily, nobody died or will have to die this time.

Drunk Drivers Bang Police Cars

It's hard to imagine, but the same intersection saw 2 drunk drivers colliding with police cars within hours.

Shooting and Jane and Driftwood

The new year started with a bit of snow, but snow quickly turns to mud.

Happy New Year!

As we begin the new year, we send you our best wishes, together with some fresh news from Toronto’s press.

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