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Taste of Downsview at second edition

Festivals are great. This one started in 2014 and it's at the second edition.

downsviewMark your calendar for July 11 (11-10) and 12 (11-7).

  • While the city’s top seven food trucks, including Caplansky’s Deli, serve the dishes, organizer Anthony Fernando said the main draw of the festival is the kids zone, where everything is free.
  • “The event is about bringing people together,” Fernando said. “It’s a family event. There’s absolutely no alcohol. It’s designed for families and kids.”
  • The Taste of Downsview will happen inside Downsview Park at the Orchard Pavilion. The event is put on by the Downsview Residents Association.
  • Fernando said the community is changing. While it’s growing economically, there are many who live in poverty or are unemployed. The area has been identified as a Neighbourhood Improvement Area.
  • “For the kids in the neighbourhood that may not have a lot of respite or an opportunity to go to summer camp, this is an opportunity to go crazy,” he said.
  • There will be inflatables, children’s games (piƱatas, potato sack races, etc.), and video games.
  • The event will also feature musical entertainment and food.
  • The Downsview area is currently seeing billions of dollars worth of capital investments in the form of construction of a new subway and GO Transit stations, as well as a new Humber River Hospital.
  • “I see this event as part of that renewal process that’s going on. It’s a chance to bring the community together, the young and old, to discuss the future of the community and to celebrate it and build some community connections,” Fernando said.
  • The event will raise funds for the Humber River Hospital Foundation.

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