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Happy Thanksgiving and Judy Sgro BlackFace Spin

The elections are almost here and we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We are also covering Judy Sgro blackface Trudeau love scandal and her retraction, remembering that she was the main supporter of a project that a lawyer with the African Canadian Legal Clinic had found racist.

composite of screenshots of Judy Sgro original interview at the top which started the blackface Trudeau love controversy followed by screenshot at the bottom of her apologyFor the 2019 federal election, the incumbent MP Judy Sgro (Liberal) is being challenged by NDP’s Maria Augimeri, who, until the 2018 municipal election, has represented part of the ward as city councillor for a significant number of years. There is also a model representing PPC (chariina), adding some spice to this fight.

In the September 28 interview with GBKM FM, interviewer Jacquline Dixon asked the Liberal MP what sort of reaction she had received in the federal riding of Humber River-Black Creek surrounding Trudeau’s “blackface” incident.

Sgro defended the Liberal leader for “something that was done 20 years ago,” adding that all of us at one time or another have “made poor choices.” Furthermore, “in knocking on doors and talking to people to make sure that I’m as sensitive as I need to be if I’ve missed something, those in the black community have told me how much more love they have for the Prime Minister, that he wanted to have a blackface, that he took great pride in that too,” said Sgro, adding that it’s the media that have “blown this into something that it shouldn’t be.”

As CBC explains, Christie Blatchford rants and cpac debates, Sgro apologized on October 9, when her comments gained notoriety following their rehashing by Andray Domise (fbjs-apology).

We were reminded, in all this fracas, that MP Judy Sgro was the most vocal supporter of the racist project that our association opposed, a project also considered racist by a lawyer with the African Canadian Legal Clinic.

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