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CTV: TCHC, Canada's worst landlord

CTV's W Five has made a documentary about the Toronto Housing Corporation, widely known as Canada's worst landlord. The documentary can be viewed on their website.
This news documentary shows the appalling conditions Toronto public housing tenants are forced to live in, starting with cockroaches infestations, filth and ending with crime and spraying bullets. Stan Brodzinski, a legally blind tenant, is quoted as saying:
"Toronto Housing Authority doesn't care about any of their tenants," charges Brodzinski. In the 11 years he has lived in a TCHC apartment, he has made numerous complaints but says they fall on deaf ears. "Many times I've asked them to do maintenance work, but unless you go through the bureaucratic regulations you don't get anything. And it's obvious to even a blind person that they ignore people."
Sarah Shartal started a class action suit asking the Court to hold TCHC to the same standards private landlords are being held. The repair bill is around $300 million, up from $230 million back in 2001, when the province downloaded 30,000 housing units onto the City of Toronto, doubling its public housing roster. Meanwhile, Derek Ballantyne, the CEO of TCHC, makes more than $200,000 a year and blames the province for not providing sufficient funding. The province, represented by Jim Watson, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing blames the federal government, but agrees that
The conditions that these people are living in, many of these people are living in, is not acceptable (sic).

Sources | Canada's Worst Landlord

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